Saturday, May 15, 2010

i wanna wash my hair! grr!

i have finally rebonded my hair which i find very unruly as it gets longer.

i cant wash my hair for 3 days! gosh!
*itchy* *itchy*
isyh isyh!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


i have finally found time to visit my own blog... @.@ hehe!
ahh maybe i was too busy elsewhere.. O.o

anyhoo, i shall wave welcome to year 2010 (kinda late but what the heck!)..hopefully it'll be a not so bad year ahead..
already i have many many plans up ahead..
for starters, the domestic trip to langkawi next month.. proposal has been done and submitted.. PHEW!!
n presentations every single week..thanks to some lecturers..why make life so hard?

so this term we all have shifted to the new taylor's lakeside campus. sounds great of a name but its just a damn mining pool in the my lecturer calls it, taylor's lombong campus..
ohh i just hate new campus..i prefer to be at LCS..why?
1st- parkings are available anytime of the day
2nd- more computers to use
3rd- cheap food
4th- printing, ATM & everything all with easy access

food is so expensive here..rm6 for one plate of chicken rice with 4 miserable pieces of chic, soup n a bowl of "taugeh"..6 freaking bucks!!

if u ask me, i would get rid of that damn lake(a.k.a lombong pool) n make more parkings spaces!
come on taylors management! use yerrr brainsss...dont be cheapskates!

sigh! better stop critizing or i'll never have peace studying... =S

Sunday, October 4, 2009

karaoke session...pre-bornday celebration =D

i finally got my karaoke session..last wednesday.. =D

and i got to felt the earthquake tremor that was happening in sumatra that somehow was felt here in malaysia while karaok-ing..(not something that i should be happy about...hmm..first time feeling and once is ENOUGH..)

i just wanna THANK my darling bear and pui yi, wai kuan, choon sin and jin wai for coming all the way to subang ss17 neway for my birthday celebration..

and thanks also to pearly and jini and kuhen for the celebration..thanks so much for wanting to take me to look out point..although we got lost, but ITS OKAY! =) souled-out was fun too.. *HUGS*

pics will be up later..hehe..

Friday, September 4, 2009

hhmm...not quite...

should i 'yay' because monday is a holiday??
not really..sigh..

as usual i'm gonna be packed this weekend!again..

first, i have 2 assignments due wednesday. one is a poster on Glacier Express.the other is transportation system in Aussie.
practical exam on tuesday.
2 theory exams on wednesday.

though i have lots to do, still i'm enjoying my life in taylor's. =)
* by the way, spot for the teddy bear!*

Sunday, August 30, 2009

nothing but smiles..

somehow i just feel like starting a new blog. dont know why. let history be history. there is a new begining in this new chapter of life. i know that i can begin from somewhere.

so here is my first..

before that.. happy merdeka!! =)

today is a great day for us because he cooked! finally! after all those weeks of learning, he made chicken chop! its pretty good for a first timer..

congrats bear! *BIG BIG HUG*

chicken chop with button mushroom in brown sauce

Compliments to the chef cum rally driver!!..hehe!!
*clap clap*